Friday, April 29, 2016

Calling cheap abroad!

I talked to my co-worker today and she told me to change my telephone company. She had a nice offer to me and told me to do the same as hers. Hmmm... I am satisfied with what I have now. But still opening my door for that telephone company from her ends. I used to call abroad to my family every week or every other day and the one that I am using is the one that my friend in U.S recommended and that is awesome too. I love that company it's easy to call and cheap as well. So will see which one is better, so I can change and have a chance to save some penny on calling. 

By the way, aside from talking about telephone company, my co-worker also let me hear her favorite songs. That was during our lunch break and she even told me that her eldest son is a rocker and loves to sing. That was great to hear!!! And as a mom she is planning to give her son a gift this coming May as her son will celebrate his 18 birthday. So since her son loves music and love to play guitar, I told my mate to check online and find things that is related to music here at www.musicians friend . I am pretty sure she can find one for her son.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Earn easy as the others do!

I am sure that a lot of individual are still having hard time of finding regular job. Like in my case, I am now looking for a new job. My recent one is like having bad economy.

So hoping to find another one soon but in some way it's hard to really find the job that you really wish for. So for the meantime one of my cousin in Alabama introduced me about Triangle Direct Media. She told me to read about that page. She is a writer and enjoying her hard work online. So this is interesting indeed.

guys, if you're just a home body try to check some good opportunities online. It's better to have little penny than nothing at all. Thanks to my dear cousin for sharing this. Let us be creative in all ways... tell your friends if you read this quick share of mine. Just check out the link above.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A lucky mom!

A friend of mine has a daughter that loves music. She always keep posting pictures and updates in her Facebook account about her princess. As of today she bought music books for her future tenor daughter. I saw one video of her daughter playing saxophone at school and indeed that girl has a future to become a good musical player one day. So how I wish to have a child someday  that will love to play music too.  Aside from being so pretty girl she is also good in her studies. So my friend is surely a proud mama.

Monday, December 21, 2015

It's Christmas gift giving!

Hard to think for Christmas gifts! It is not easy to plan ahead of time for a gift that fits to the person itself. Thanks that there is an internet nowadays that helps a lot of giving out ideas of what to give. I am not still done in buying gifts, I am planning to go to the mall tomorrow and buy all the left gifts listed, so hope to buy and wrapped them right away tomorrow.

And thanks to this epiphone les paul plustop pro. This can be a gift for myself. It doesn't matter if I will buy this after Christmas since this is just for myself. I've been aiming to be a good guitarist one day. Actually we bought one little guitar two years ago but I guess this one that I stumbled tonight looks so simple and elegant and affordable as well. So perfect indeed!