Saturday, September 24, 2016

Look what I have!

Yes they are mine! That's the result of my frustration on how I am eager to learn on how to play guitar! But got some recommendation to start with ukelele first. So then guitar. So well, one of these ukelele is from Philippines and the other one I bought here in Norway. It's quite expensive to buy here. But worth and it looks more solid though. The black one is purchased from here and the brown one is from Philippines two years ago when I had my vacation. I carried it all the way for that such long trip.
I downloaded some ukelele notes and learn from it. It helps a lot, online tips and ideas are great and got some tips from my partner too. But after this I am planning to proceed and try to learn on guitar too. It's long way to go but I will try to play this gibson sg bass , looks so the same as what we have here at home. This can be another miles to study but can be very challenging.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

It was not a crash but a scratch!

Oh well! I got my first scratch three days ago. It was not a crash but it was a scratch. Anyway, that day I decided to drive to grocery store to buy something and to fill-up gas also. So right after my breakfast I drove to the store and everything went fine driving there and and buying some foods.

But I noticed already when I did my parking that there is a pole back in the parking area near where my car is parked. But I was 100% sure that nothing will go wrong when I do the reverse afterwards. So then, I did very slowly and feeling so safe but just in a second I did not noticed that the back of my car is at the pole ends. So that's where I got my first car scratch and I was frustrated. it should not happen because I was so careful and know that there is a pole back. But shit happens and now I have that! Luckily it was just a small scratch.

Well, I learned from that incident. Luckily it happened in a parking area and not in the road while driving.

So driving is not that easy. You all have the responsibilities around. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

I bought a Ukelele!

Since I was disparate to learn in playing guitar, I ended up buying a Ukelele. Some of my friends told me that Ukelele is a bit easier than guitar. If you want to start in basic instrument playing then ukelele can be recommended. I bought weeks ago and start playing on it and indeed very interesting! I downloaded ukelele notes and try to follow those notes. A bit tricky and hard where to place your fingers on the strings but at the same time interesting!

Well, I am still starting to feel the rhythm and maybe one day I will try playing guitar! I have a friend who can play these instruments so that could be easy for me to ask some help. In other way around I found kramer pacer as a reference where I can choose to buy one guitar for me one day! Music is great so happy enough that I am starting to learn little by little!

It's all starts from penny!

As far as I remembered, I start blogging years back and the reason why is that my cousin who lives in America introduce me about this writing habits online. My cousin is really a good blogger and she has a lot of blogs online. I was curious first on how begin on writing and of course what to write and what kind of blog should I start with.

So since my cousin push me to try so I did! And indeed I was addicted into writings, but there were times that I was so lazy then and been busy in other errands too. But as I noticed blogging is really exciting. So when I began writing , reading and visiting other blog sites I learned a lot. I read a lot of individual who earned small amounts through writings.

Hmmm... that makes me think of trying more. So my cousin told me to make a blog. I remember how eager I was to earn.. (LOL). My first earning was 0.46 cents dollar and I was indeed felt so happy seeing that amount! It helps me to motivate more and more....

Day by day I read and learn about online companies who offers task to bloggers who wants to write about their products. One of those is this Triangle Direct Media. Some bloggers told me that they are giving assignments or task for you to write. Well, I applied and it took months before they accepted my site. But some of my online friends are already in their system and enjoying amounts of task, it depends on your blog popularity of course and to the niche.

Anyway, if you love online jobs then check out that link above and find task that you can do. Just read and learn! You will surely be satisfied!