Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A friend is always a friend!

Got a call from a friend whom I didn't have much  communication since she transfered to another place. But today she called me by surprise and ask if I still writing online. I said, YES when I have time to. She asked me if I can teach her to do the same as I'm doing! I said to her this is just a little hobby of mine , and she can do as well if she wants too! I explained to her the things that she needs to do. There are lots of tutorials online and she can just hooked into it and learn by itself! 

But while having a conversation to her, I head good music in the background! And suddenly asked her about that good sound and she told me that she has just bought a line 6 spider iv and I am not that familiar with all those music instrument! It drives me to check online. And yes! I found it and it looks very interesting indeed! If you love music then have this line 6 spider iv check it out at GuitarCenter .

Where the spring goes?

I thought all the way that Spring season is here but I wonder where did it goes! Yesterday, was a great day but today is cold and snowing! It is now Spring time actually but the weather is not really stable. I guess this will take more long time before the real sun will shine upon us here! As they said, this is not unusual here.. anytime the winter cold is back during the spring time! And yes the cold is here today and hope for warmer days to come soon! 

Anyway, my driving goes as usual as I still have my winter wheels on. So the advantage of shifting your car deck late is that when snow surprises you then you are still on the go!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

For her little boy!

My office mate way back before has two kids and of them is my grand son. My grand son, is now about 10 years old. Time flies fast and my grand son is now a big boy and loves to play music specially during his Sunday school. I saw pictures in facebook that he is really into music playing drums and guitar like his dad. no wonder why he is into it in his younger age. As a God mother, am happy to see him enjoying his piece of talent as early as now. So, one time his mom and I was on chat and his mom told me that they are saving for a junior drum set for their son. They want their son to continue that habit and wants to give him complete set of instrument to use. So hope they can afford one day after saving time. I am pretty sure they can. As of now my grand son is using the drum set from the church. One day he can have his own set.

Monday, February 27, 2017


I have a plan to re-design my page or make some cleaning! I hope can find time to find new template some are for free and delete some links that are not working. I am pretty sure that I have a lot of links that are not existing anymore. One of my friend stops writing because of her schooling but she told me that sometimes she feels like into blogging again. Well, if you really are into blogging it needs time to make it successful specially when updating. Sometimes , you will be empty! But if you really dedicate time then that will be fine and you will be addicted into it! ¨

So, my plan for having a new template will be soon. Hopefully, crossing my fingers!