Monday, September 10, 2007

***Experienced Lasts***

Once you've experienced the best thing in your life, cherished it with all your heart. I've been into a decission that really feels me complete. Life is a precious gift from God, whenever you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, down, lonely, depressed, just take life easy God has the best plan for you in the future.

Waiitng for the right time is quite boring but as what i've expererienced my waiting was a very good experienced ever. I never thought that God would blessed me as overflowing joy in my life.

For you guys outhere just be as you are. Everyone is blessed to have great experiences in life while living. I am happy and pleased that i'm one of those who had given the opportunity and grace to experienced such great things.

Be happy and contented of what you have right now, God will be the one to pour his blessings in the right time. Just wait and see and believed that one day you can have what you want. Enjoy Life....:-)

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Nita said...

That's exactly true!