Friday, June 27, 2008

Challenge to a Leader

-Accept the brutal facts - by: Jim Collins
-Fact: The more I complain ; the less I produce
-The truth set us free, after it pisses us off - partly from the bible
-You can't choose your calling-Your calling chooses you.
-Need does not constitute call. - by: Jim White
-Honor the nature of steel,wood, and cement honor, or violate- by: Parker Palmer
-Prioritize your ochestra and turn your back to the crowd- by: Juana dela Cruz
-I skate where the puck will be - by: Wayne Gretsky
-If I have been able to see far beyond, it is because i have learned to stand in the shoulders of giants - by: Sir Isaac Newton
-The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender- by: Vine Lombardi
-You Grow the leader, you grow everything else - by: John Maxwell
-I am only one but I am still one. I cannot do everything but I can still do something; and because I can't do everything. I will not refuse the something I can do. - by: Everett hale
-We don't get the change to do that many things and every one should really-be excellent. Life is brief then you die. So it'd better be damn good. -by: Steve Jobs

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