Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pacman v.s Diaz

I am one of the avid fan of Pacman, everytime he has a fight I’ll make sure I’m already finished my house chores. And I need to put my chair in front of my television to make sure that I can catch up every punch he gave to his opponent. I worried too when he felts hurt. I shout, I scream, I prayed and felt uncomfortable when his opponent seems like hitting him much.

But yesterday with David Diaz it was amazing. He really displayed devastating punching power and blistering speed in capturing the WBC Lightweight belt with a ninth-round knockout of David Diaz at The Mandalay Bay Casino.

The best thing I like Pacman is he really a prayerful boxer. Before and after the fight he always acknowledged GOD who made things possible. And yesterday he insisted “All things are possible w/God which is very true.

[Rounds Review]
Round 1 - Pacquiao threw the first punch and traded punches with Diaz, who tried to put the pressure on the Pacman. Manny occasionally unleashed his one-two combination and dictated the tempo.

Round 2 - Pacquiao landed several punches on the body and head of Diaz, who eventually suffered a cut on the nose. Round 2 was entirely Pacquiao’s.

Round 3 - Diaz started Round 3 with a combination, but Pacquiao returned the favor. Manny continued to land power shots on Diaz, who stood his ground throughout.

Round 4 - The two southpaws exchanged blows but Pacquiao kept pouncing on Diaz with a flurry of left and right punches.

Round 5 - Pacquiao threw jabs at Diaz and continued his relentless attack. Diaz’s cut over his right eye got bigger.

Round 6 - Diaz again tried to pressure Pacquiao in the sixth round only to receive more punishment.

Round 7 - Pacquiao continued his domination of the fight by connecting punches to head of Diaz.

Round 8 - Pacquiao unloaded soft shots and followed up with strong punches to the head and body of Diaz, who obviously is a sturdy lightweight.

Round 9 - Diaz falls, Pacquiao wins


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