Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tips To Have A Healthy Skin

•Avoid over exposure to the sun or tanning beds. This can cause your skin to become dry and sometimes discolored.
•Cleanse your skin with the appropriate products for either dry, oily, or normal skin; clarify (tone); moisturize daily.
•Apply eye cream every night before bedtime. This will moisturize the most sensitive part of your face. It will help in reducing lines and darkness around the eye area.
•Never rub your face with towels or any rough material. Blot your face dry - GENTLY!
•Never go to sleep without cleansing your face. During sleep your cells regenerate and will absorb what is on your skin. If all you can do is rinse your face with water, that is better than nothing.
•Use gentle, upward strokes to when applying your moisturizer.
•Once every few months (some may need it more frequently) treat yourself to a facial. It will help to keep a nice glow to your face.
•Be sure to apply sunscreen of at least an SPF 15.
•Many people forget about their lips. If your lips are very dry/chapped you can rub Vaseline on them with a washcloth. The washcloth sloughs off dead cells, and the Vaseline moisturizes.

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