Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ginebra v.s Air21

Who will be the winner? The champion? Last Sunday when my officemate told me that Ginebra Kings is on do or die situation I’ll make a point to really watch their last game if ever they will not win that time. So Sunday at 1st half I was so sad until 2nd half the kings was left behind with the Air21. But you know Ginebra’s Spirit “Do or die”. So I kept on my focus and hoping that they will win so that there will still be Game 7 the finals. So thanks they succeed hahahaha…Tonight is the night the final countdown. Who will win Ginebra or Air21? Will see and will let you know who will be….:-)I can’t wait to watch the game tonight. For sure Araneta Coliseum will be fully crowded tonight. Goodluck to the teams. Go for the Champion.
Standing: 3-3

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