Monday, August 4, 2008

Identity TV Game

I had a great spare time last night spending time on television and while changing channels I saw a great funny , tricky game called “ Identity” which the player can win up to $500,000 million dollars. It’s a wow! I really had fun. Imagine there are 12 identities which the player will choose from the category listed on the board.

Super tricky, you can just guess the identity of the person based on their looks, how they dress up, and how they stand in front of you. But not what the player always think based on how they look like is the right answer, very exciting indeed. The player must have the great sense of guessing and identifying the person quickly. Once you’ve got one mistake you still giving a chance to go on all the way to $500,000 million dollars. Until you can reach to 3 consecutives mistakes then you will loose all your earnings. But andrea the player last night stopped at $50,000 dollars. She felt so nervous and didn’t want to get more errors. Funny and exciting game. I will surely watch more on that game.

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