Friday, August 8, 2008

Pacman Flag Bearer Olympics 2008

Lastnight while watching the live opening for the Beijing Olympics 2008. I was so amazed with a thousands of people in the stadium hall it's almost 90,000 in counting who seen the real fantastic Olympics opening and i can't imagine there we're 204 countries who participated the Olympics this year.

Different countries has it's own styles on the parade they are waving and so proud for the flag that represents their country and i can feel how proud they are to be part of that event.

And surprisingly when they called Philippinesi saw my favorite Manny Pacquiaowho proudly waving the Philippine Flag. It's a wow! He really deserves to be the flag bearer he represents as Pinoy Hero.

There we're many fabulous fireworks. I love watching it and wishing the best luck for all participants.

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