Monday, August 25, 2008

Willy Wang Wins Gold (From Philippines)

Back for work after the monday holiday. I've been home since saturday until monday. No time to go outside and it's been raining and feels like i want to stay at home.Technorati Profile

I watched TV all the time, reading books, cooking very simple food, and checking out what's new with my sisters. They are occupied with studies right now. I watched with the Olympic Fantanstic Ending. Great it was amazing my eyes are so tired but still i want to watch more. It was late at night also. But love to witnessed the great event in Beijing.

China is the overall champion for this Olympic 2008, next is the United States of America and Michael Phelps seems their hero for this Olympic 2008.

By the next Olympic it will be held in London by 2012.

One thing more Philippines has no medals. Wow! but i believed that all athletes are deserving to still be honored and still to be congratulate for their efforts, representing Pilipinas.

Credits to Willy Wang from Philippines wins WUSHU gold in Olympic. But sad to know that it is not counted to the medals tally. Wushu is only is demonstration sport but i salute you guys for reaching your dreams. So with all the athletes from all over the world CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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