Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meningococcemia @ Quirino Labor Hospital

Oh my, i got a call from my officemate now and i talked to one my friend online too.
She's telling me that there's meningococcemia positive patient at the Quirino Labor Hospital Quezon City Philippines. Oh my! we're working in front of Labor Hospital. My friend advise us here to take antibacterial as prevention.

I called up immediately the hospial to verify and yes it is confirmed positive. We must now be careful around here.
Then i searched more on this and find this meaning of meningococcemia is a rare infectious disease characterized by upper respiratory tract infection, fever, skin rash and lesions, eye and ear problems, and possibly a sudden state of extreme physical depression (shock) which may be life-threatening without appropriate medical care. There are two forms of meningococcemia. Fluminant meningococcemia develops very rapidly and is more severe than chronic meningococcemia, which has a waxing and waning course.

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