Monday, September 1, 2008

Thalassemia Disease

Watching up health updates lastnight i've heared this disease called Thalassemia, it is the abnormality of blood cells. This is not a rare disease as the report says this is often misdiagnose by doctors. There are two kinds of Thalassemia the Major and Minor one.

As i go on searching on net i found this and try to check this out:

Thalassemia is a hereditary, chronic, hemolytic anemia with erythroblastosis. A complex of hereditary disorders characterized by microcytosis and increased red blood cell destruction and frequently associated with abnormal hemoglobins and increased normal trace hemoglobins. These disorders are prevalent in people of Mediterranean, African, and Asian ancestry.

Disorders include Cooley’s anemia, Cooley’s trait, hemoglobin H disease, Hb S-thalasse-mia, Hb C-thalassemia, and Hb E-thalassemia.

Additonal Info:
Picture:(Hockenberry/Wilson/Winkelstein/Kline, 2003, courtesy of James DeLeon, Texas Children’s Hospital)


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