Monday, September 29, 2008

Zebra Printers

Until now we are still here at the office. We are waiting for Zebra Printers to come. It's really urgent and badly needed. Our client is now calling from time to time to check and verify the status. Documents are already done, all we need is the printer and we will deliver it immediately now. It's already 8:30pm and the status is still not so clear. All cables, power supply, manuals, cleaning pens must be checked tonight before dispatching. Technical people is still here, warehouse staff are waiting. What a day!!!


RAMIL said...

I remember those days.. ZEBRA is a good brand.. not the best for me kasi maliit lang ang kita.. hehe.. everybody wants to sell it kaya ganun..

RAMIL said...

I think I know kung para saan itong mga units na ito.. hehe.. yan ba yung mali delivery? just guessing..

Anonymous said...

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