Thursday, October 30, 2008


It’s now Halloween , I usually stay at home and have some rests. Watching news, while lots of people are in cemetery offering flowers at their love ones who passed away Some are on trick or treat specially kids. But I never yet experienced trick-or-treat but I am very much aware of it hahaha. While surfing at net I found some safety measures specially to those who are into this kind of traditions.
Hope this will help:
1.)Make sure to have some medicines back-up while on trick-or-treating time.
2.)Try to plan some alternative activity, like going to movies or visit’s some friends.
3.)Pre-position safe candy at friend’s house.
4.)Carry safe snacks with you while on the track of roaming around.
5.)Check all the ingredients. Expiry dates of candies before the trick-or-treat event.
Better to have safety measures first before having some fun!!!

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