Monday, December 1, 2008

EC Droppers Nov01-Nov30, 2008

I am new to EC dropping I tried once in a while to drop EC. Yet amazing because I noticed many droppers, drop at my site. For this 1st month of when I started to enrolled in EC and drop EC. I would like to acknowledged those who patiently drop at my site. My sincerest thank you for your time and hopefully more droppers will be on my lists next month. As I drop back to you.

November 2008 TOP EC Droppers
1.)Nita’s Random Thoughts
2.)Rally Buzz
4.)Nita’s Corner
6.)Kateedy What
7.)Blog De Manila

***Hope to see your name by the month of December 2008****

1 comment:

eric said...

wow! i'm on the 10th spot! cool!