Monday, January 19, 2009

Car of the year 2009

My dearest one who live in Norway really loves car. Just last year he bought one and I’m glad that finally he decided to buy a brand new car for him. Then he’s very kind in sharing thoughts, ideas with me about cars how to choose and what are to check. So very interesting matter to me also. Car is really needed for his daily life routine also. Then while surfing today I found this vauxhall insignia and I got say wow! As we all know that European people loves car racing and believed it, this Insignia has got the placed as 2009 European car of the year. Got the highest votes. Fantastic. When I take a look at the photo and specs of this car it’s really nice and like enticing my eyes to check more and more.

Prior to that I also bumped into this another brand of car which is vauxhall corsa. This is also known now as Britain Training Car of the year. This can be consider as one of the popular brand of car because of affordable low price specially when enrolling into insurance. For sure you will love it too! Like I do. Now a days there are many competitors in market trying endorse best car ever. But why not to try and check this one. This might be the one right for you.

So do you have a vintage car now? Do you want to check what can your car bring popularity in society? Perrys Motor now is holding a car competition to help celebrate Perrys Centenary. Your car can have the chance to be displayed in the Preston showroom plus instant cash prize. Just visit and check the vauxhall dealer and you will see what is store in there. Hurry up! Be part of it and enjoy the opportunity. Good luck!

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