Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sell Text Link Ads

Are you looking for and easy way to sell text links without any hassle? And in a very convenient way? While reading some facts online this morning , I got interest in focusing PHP. And check what is PHP script all about. PHP scripting language is designed specifically for the web.

You can Download TextAds Link rotator script here. This will bring the Advertisers online to signup for an account and put their ads on your site and process the payment via paypal. Very accessible way in selling text links ads.

This will also helps you turn your website traffic into cash by selling ad space with TextAds 2.0! Interesting indeed. They offer live demo which help emphasized the ad links you want. It’s only needs a paypal account for you to get immediate paid. Advertisers are really reliable and have great potential in sharing the benefits which will be enjoy in both parties.

You can manage your own design which you are proposing to any website you like. A complete ways to have time management. This includes options from choosing which featured you want to enjoy. They have the Administrator Panel, Advertiser Area, Ad box preview. This is a complete package and this will surely help facilitate all reports being done by a certain transaction. You can easily monitor anything you want specially when it comes to payment. It’s very important to be on punctual on every transaction made. Specially that you are not only dealing one person only.

The code use here is PHP which as I mentioned above a kind of scripting language which is very good, and it package with complete manual once purchased. Nothing to worry about because it’s really very user friendly. This can be a database management system which will kept the proper tracking of selling your text link ads properly.

If you found this one interesting just visit their website and learn how it is. You can check one by one the packages. Which for me is very good and at reasonable price. They have a lot of product books there that are available and very interesting. So hurry up! Check it out.

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