Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Avoid Ingrown Toenails

Ladies, I found out why many of us are encountering problems with ingrown. Before I had this one and that’s why I am trying to find what are the precautions. And here are very informative preventive measures for us.

1.)Clean your toenails and all of the surrounding area. Working with a clean surface ensures you get better results and prevents and fungus or infection from spreading.

2.)Use the correct toenail clippers to cut straight across the nail. This prevents the corners of the nails from being cut too short, which is a leading cause of ingrown toenails.

3.)File any jagged edges with a nail file. If you absolutely must file the corners, do so but very file them lightly and not too short.

4.)Wear the correct size shoes. Shoes that are too tight in the front or on the side cause toenails to stop growing in the correct direction. Instead, they grow into the skin, better known as an ingrown toenail.

5.)Once you are done clipping and filing, slather your feet with a moisturizing lotion . This final step keeps your feet soft, and makes your toenails softer so they won't be as hard to clip or file next time.

Hope this will contributes!
Instruction from Ehow:

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