Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fire Prevention Month

Now as I mentioned here it’s summer time and as we called “Fire Prevention Month”. Mostly summer has a lot of emergencies cause by fire. So all we need is to be aware on what to do and to prepare in case of emergency like fire. Be sure to check this following:

You can apply this in you home or at your work station:
•Electrical/Octopus Wiring
•Candles. flammable disposal solids (paper, paper products,clothes,plastics)
•Flammable Solvents (Kerosene, gasoline, thinners, paint ,etc)

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Brwneyedgrl08 said...

Electrical safety in your home and/or office is very important and should be payed close attention to. A new thermal technology created by BSafe Electrix saves lives and property by sensing abnormal temperatures in electrical wiring devices, de-energizing the circuits involved, and stopping potential catastrophic fires before they can start. With this fire-prevention outlet not only will many lives be saved, but many properties as well. A safety device such as this should be installed in all homes and offices in order to ensure safety for those inside.