Friday, March 6, 2009

Francis Magalona Passes Away at 44

Just got shocked when my Aunt SMS me that Francis Magalona, the rapper and actor had passed away this afternoon at 12pm. Last year if you read my posting here about him. Too sad he is too young at 44 and has 8 children. This is life nobody can control except GOD. For more complete info check it here.

More On Francis M.
•Birth name : Francis Magalona
•Born October 4, 1964
•Origin : Manila, Philippines
•Died March 6, 2009 (aged 44)
•Occupation(s) Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, Actor, Director, Host Instrument(s)
•Years active 1984 - 2009

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dhemz said...

wow is it really? My God ...may he will rest in peace...thanks for sharing the news sis....:)