Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am Lucky!

As the crisis arise. Our company is so affected with what’s going now, our monthly sales really decreasing comparing as last year. Now the management decided to let other employees have day off. So it will be no work no pay. Very sad indeed! But how Lucky I am, I am not included for those who suffers with no work no pay. My working days and hours is still the same. So it’s great! But of course this will not last, as long as the company can get back to normal sales, operation will be back to normal too.

Guess what my co-employee alternative ways of earning? They ask a favor from a company for a cash advance. This will help them manage a bit business while they are free from work. In fact one of my mate has put up a little mini store now. And they are paying their advances from company little by little every month. So that it wont be too heavy for them for the payment. Just hoping our company can get back of losses. I know many are affected all over the world.

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