Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Outfits For All Season

My wedding day is now fast approaching. And I am busy preparing things needed, but I thank to my partner that he really cooperates a lot specially in all expenses. Everyday we talked and share what was going on with our preparation. Just what I mention to him that last Sunday I was in Megamall trying to check my shoes and finally I got it. While roaming around the mall I came across with many new clothing trends. Now a lot of fashion are on the go, which we did not mostly recognized if we not into malling as often as others do like me.

I often do browsing on net for new trends just to be updated. And when I was in mall I found out many sexy summer outfit and enticing my mind to go into swimming and some out of town vacation in beach. But while me thinking of summer, my partner who lives in Norway are in winter suit. Its really different, he always share his daily routine now that it’s winter time in his place. Just yesterday he’s into skiing. We are living in a different world with different culture but very excited enough to know more deeper about their culture. One day hoping I’ll be there to experience how to wear different styles of clothing that differs to their weather seasons.

Even though I am not really into fashion but I am very much aware and open into different styles. I really do appreciate people or women who are very good into wearing different kinds of clothing styles. Exploring into new styles of clothing is cool. I can relate also because some of my relatives lives in U.S So they has now the fashion in shopping clothes to be used during fall season and in any occasion. Most likely during spring time also. Time to check what’s in fashion for both women and men. That will be used for all season.

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