Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Favors

Last Sunday, I just got 50pcs. of my wedding favors, me and my partner decided to order 100pcs. to make sure that all visitors can have the simple token. Just last night I took pictures of it, and send it soon to my partner who is basically lives in Norway. Soon he will be coming here for our wedding rites. So he needs to see how it looks like. And by this coming weekend I will have to pick up the remaining 50pcs.

My wedding favors is composed of two hearts. It’s a key chain, put in a box wrapped in a very nice green ribbon. Hoping that our visitors will gonna appreciate this simple token for them. Actually, there’s a lot of choices for souvenirs or favors for wedding, but mostly it’s expensive and not in a reasonable price. But I did not give up in searching more, till I finally found one that seems like with-in the budget, but before ordering I explain it first to my partner if he will agree or not. Thanks, he just told me it’s up to me to choose as long as it’s fine with me. So cool!

As a bride, I did not feel any hardship but yet I am excited on what will happen for all this preparation. I am so very lucky because I have a lot of friends who are really willing to help me on whatever needed. They are supporting me from any angle of this preparation. In fact they checking simple bridal shower favors for me. I am so honored they want me to choose which one I want. But I want surprises. It’s up to them what they want for me, or whatever small stuff that are memorable. I am so blessed to have friends around, they are more exciting than me. Will see what I can get from them.

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