Wednesday, March 18, 2009


As most women has each wedding
dreams. One of those is me, soon by April I’ll be going to get married with the man that God gave to me. This is the biggest and memorable event for my life. Me and my partner is looking forward for a successful wedding rites. As for now i am still very busy, as I always mentioned here in my page. I want it to be simple and perfect but for sure as all bride says, you can just imagine what’s lacking when the wedding is done. So I am aware of it too. That’s normal I guess.

One of my preparation is looking for a wedding vendor quotes. I need perusal and quotations to compare where I can get the best deal. We are in tight budget, so all things and stuff must be with-in the budget. It’s quite hard thing to do the budgeting because I am not the one who finance all the expenses it’s my dearest partner. So it’s hard for him too, specially now that we are all facing crisis all over the world. Besides not only looking for cheap vendors but of course a reliable and trusted one. It’s very important to get an honest and affordable vendor who can provide what all needed.

When we started planning our wed, we already receives many blessings gift from my friends, which me and my partner never expect such really nice present very early. One of what we got now is the wedding invitations. We got it for free, one of my friend told me that she will sponsor for that. So what a great blessings, in fact I already have it now, and it’s very nice and simple. And really fits to what our motif is, which is a combination of two tone, blue and green. We are so glad and happy.

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