Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 Eurovison Winner

Hi guys, as I posted here last week that i am looking for the final result of the Eurovision contest. Here’s now Alexander Rybak prove himself he can do it till the finale. My husband SMS me last Sunday and telling me the results of the contests and yes Alexander made it. I was so happy specially my dearest one. He got the powerful percent in voting it’s 75% wow! Alexander is famous for winning the Norwegian TV program "Kjempesjansen" and the play.

It’s all with “fairytale song” great! And looking forward next year the contest will be held in Norway! Hope by that time I can cheer live watching in TV w/my hubby. Looking forward to the next contestant from Norway too!

While one of my friend who currently living at Vegas is looking forward for some Las Vegas Shows, for Alex. Possible Alex will tour around.

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