Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Manny Pacquiao & Aling Dionisia

Who is now the last man standing on the ring? Well, of course my Idol and Idol for all… all are aware of what Pacman did. It was a good fight but for advertisers not good enough for them because it was just 2 quick rounds. Well, Hatton gave his best too, but Pacman won. And his mother aling Dionisia is now super happy with what his son achievement.

Aling Dionisia showed her new Rolex watch over the news lastnight. And yes she’s now also popular not only here in pinas but over the world too like her son Manny. She’s enjoying her stay in a snow country haha!. Now Manny proved again how blessed he is to have the boxing talent. Congratulations to both Manny and Hatton.

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