Monday, June 1, 2009

Food & Accessories

I would like to say thank you to Sherry my office mate. She's so sweet she just came back from Bicol from a short vacation and she bring us some stuff and food. Me and my mate janice has same stuff "wallet" very nice. And food that are made of Pili Nuts. This are originally made from Bicol.

I have here:
1.) Pili Nuts the one in bottle
2.) Macapuno - Made of coconut w/sugar
3.) Candies with some chocolate in the middle
4.) Wallet that are made of Abacca

Thanks!for the Pasalubong!


Dhemz said...

woi ka sweet sa imong officemate sis..napay nabilin diha? hehehehe

My blogger friend went to the PI this year...she's from Bicol...naa pod ko pasalubong sa iya...pili nuts ug bag...never had pili nuts before...hehehe!

thanks for sharing sis!

Anne said...

sis, wala nay nabilin heheheh... kaloka gamay ra gani ako nakaon akong mga ka opisina kusog kaau mokaon. Hahah! Lugi ko...:-(.