Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meme's Hunting

Well, a day for meme's hunting. I don't know exactly how to participate in Meme's or tagging. Lol! I am new in blogging still in discovering strategies on how to build good traffic.But my cousin Nita told me to join Meme's , so i was in her site checking on how to do it. Well, for those meme's expert you can help me how to do it. But i have now a little on how to participate. Hope i can join one day!

For newbies like me you can try check Nita's Page for more information.
Nitas Page Here!

Aside from it i also joined a New biz Online, just launched today! Visit and apply it there , for sure we will be belong to pioneering applicant that will get lots of opportunity in this world of blogging it's totally FREE. Click here to join.


tsang said...

This is a good info sis, cge check ko yan pag may time ako. I just started blogging last december and honestly I learned a lot and meet friends. Yeah its fun joining meme. check out my site i have buttons there for monday, wednesday, friday and saturdays meme. juct click the buttons and it will take you to the source of that meme. thanks for the tuplok sa ads ha, pimdot sd ko diri sa imu para may pambili tayo bigas lol.

Anne said...

Tsang, salamat sa pag-agi! Tusok tusok na ta aning kalakiha hahah!