Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My 3rd Driving Lesson

As you all know here, I am on my driving lesson twice a week. And yesterday I did my 5th to 6th hours. Before I drove Toyota Altis but last night I was able to drove another car which is Honda Civic. Lol! It was new to me. Breaks between Toyota Altis and Honda is different, in Honda no need to push much on break not like in Toyota that I used for the past 4 hours. Luckily that Honda is very new so it was my privilege to use other car.

As usual we go along Edsa going to North Avenue and roam around, been in traffic situation and wet road, because of this heavy rain since Sunday. Well, all went fine and I really need more practice when it comes to parallel and perpendicular parking. I feel confused where to position my steering wheel. Hahaha!

My next lesson will be this coming Saturday. That’s all for now. It’s cold here…. I forgot my jacket, but I have my umbrella.

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