Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why Blogging?

Many for sure wondering why many are addicted into blogging. Well, me at 1st i did not convinced what's in blogging that many people are into it. I myself did not imagine that now i am one of those who are into blogging.

It was two years ago when my cousin Nita who is really my mentor in this blogging. she really encourage me to do blogging. Then you know, what i did? I encourage my uncle, my mates to do the same as what i am doing. Lol!

Then i guess 5 of us are into the same routine blogging, then we all like very eager in blogging but one day we all got disappointed when one company suspended our account. We all got disappointed i myself wanted to give up. We don't know the reason for that, but i guess many of you know what affiliate company that i am talking about.

But again my cousin told me to go on and on, i told my cousin i will give up i will not survived hahahah...But i got courage when Nita told me that in blogging theirs earning. It helps me to go on, but the rest of my mates did not go on. They really disappointed.

But now no regrets, now i am slowly discovering how to really be involved in blogging. Starting to realize that theirs money in blogging. Hope one day i can do more and improve my blog sites. And for now i am maintaining 4 blogs.

You can check and visit my sites as a beginner i am happy that one at a time i am learning. But of course through help of my cousin Nita.
Check Out My URL's below:

Anygen's Journey

My Food Cooking Guide
Entertainment & Fashion
Best Travel & Tours

I am now planning more blogs. Hope can have proper time.
You are all FREE to visit my mentor's page. You can see it here.

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