Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cucumber or Tea?

Anybody of you using tea or cucumber when having eye-bags? Well, i usually tried cucumber my siblings do so. Many says it helps but then tonight when i tried to search on net, Tea can be? As the article says place the tea bags on the eyes with the puffy bags for 5 to 20 minutes or longer and you will notice the impact that they can bring in getting rid of those puffy eye bags you hate. This are only remedies to get more relaxed with your eyes and get out from eye bags , but i did not yet tried tea only cucumber. Will see and try that tea.

How about you? what are you using for eye bags remedy?

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Dhemz said...

I tried cucumber before when I was in the Philippines to prevent eyebags...nyahaha...ako nalang g kaon sis..murag wala man ni effect....tapos wala man naka gwapa sa ako...nyahahhaha....joke! thanks for sharing....:)