Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ginebra Kings v.s San Minguel Beer

Well, just finished watching my favorite team in finals. It's been a while since i did not much have time to follow my favorite team Ginebra. I missed watching live at Araneta Coliseum, before i used to go watch and shout over thousands of crowds watching. But tonight i must support them like what i did before but only in TV this time. I watch till it finished. Now it's game 3 and it's in favor of my team. Hurray! hahahah..

During the 1st half Ginebra was behind lol! Well, as never say die from my team now proven again. Wishing one more straight for game 4. Go..go..go Gin Kings!

Score for Game 3 PBA Finals:
Ginebra 116 v.s 103 San Miguel
Best Player of the Game: Erick Menk

Game Standing: 2-1 In favor of (Ginebra)

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