Friday, July 3, 2009

How to avoid spam and become a trusted Email sender

My line of work is connecting to clients through internet communication and emails everyday. I used to send quotations and brochures through emails. Most of our client required us to send information easily through mails. But we have big problem in accepting/receiving mails everyday , I encountered lots of spam which sometimes I cannot identify which one is legal and which one is about business. One time I open mailed that causes viruses to the entire network. It was a disgusting mail and I don’t know much the sender address. It was just suddenly opened by me, I did not able to check properly the sender. Usually if I don’t know the sender I easily deleted it without reading.

Actually this is a problem to our network emails. Bulk of spam emails are detected by our systems. So what we did is we tried to block spam emails. But still there are more and more spam coming in. Annoying right? Specially when you are into rush tasks for the day. Then tonight while reading online’s information I found good ways how to avoid spam and become a trusted email sender. If you are concern with your email protection read that article, good ways and protection to spam senders. This really help me a lot now. I will surely apply this into my workplace.

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