Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spam Attack On Emails

Gush! opening 203 emails from inbox? All are spam?
Spam are now striking with our server. Then when i open my company mail this morning it's all spam.I am putting closer my eyes into my pc screen to check which is business mail and spam one.

Our spam checker just expired this early morning. so time for spam mails to get in.
Hope we can renew immediately our subscription to protect this spamming. This is delicate on me, i might have to delete some important mails.For now, i will have to check one by one:-(. Spam Out!I took a screen shot. Still many! After deleting , then more spam again.

One more thing when putting my icon mouse on spam mail it took long because it's loaded with graphics. Lol! What a morning spam attack!

Just the other day i posted here how to avoid spam and protect spam mails maybe best time to read it and apply.

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