Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Outfits and Protection

Last April 12 this year, that was the most unforgettable moment of my life. I got married to the man of my life. After our marriage, me, my husband and my SD went to mall shopping and we really had great time roaming around and checking in every boutique we pass by. My SD got a new and simple yet elegant swimwear. It was really fitted to her. It’s hard to find best wear for swimming purposes yet we find it. She really love shopping and that was best time for us to roam around after our wedding preparation. I also bought some stuff for me. Some sort of relaxing and bonding, every seconds count because after days they will be back to Norway.

But prior to that we did some swimming first, luckily we also found resort that suits for tanning. It was a sunny day so good enough for them to experience the summer heat here in Philippines. For protection we bring suntan lotion they really needed it before bathing. Even though my hubby and SD wanted to get tan they still need to apply lotion for protection. You can choose from different brands like Nivea, Calypso, Piz Buin, Ambre Solaire, Jason, Soltan and lot more. This are all branded and will surely care your skin properly.

We all need sun protection specially when your planning to stay long in swimming by applying lotion to our body it’s best way to protect. Our skin needed it. We need to care our skin in the best way we can. It’s nice to keep healthy and flawless. Spending time during holidays and targeting for swimming is needed to have comfortable swimwear , bikinis, shorts or any costumes that you will feel comfortable and applying right lotions for protection. Pack and plan your holiday summer get-up in an affordable low prices. Hurry up!

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