Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who Cares About Technorati Rank! Help...

Hey! I've been blogging for months now but then i can't still understand what's all about technorati. How important is technorati for someone who is blogging. I use to see icons for technorati in different site that i dropped on. I saw higher authority there, i wonder how they get it. I just laugh at when i checked my technorati and it has "0 Authority"? , some of my site got 1,2,3???! Hahahha!I am not shy to show my authority at technorati, because i just add my site there and did nothing after that. Just doing pings at that's all. In fact one of my blog that i used to ping doesn't update the pings. huh! it rambles my thinking.

So i came up with this post, hoping to get some ideas from you mates.I don't really how it will work. Then i read some articles telling that , Technorati, Alexa, PR are the top most important for a blogger to have in order to generate and traffic and real visitors. I agree, but then i am still working for technorati matters.

I have here some questions that rambles in my mind.

1.) What will be the basis to get higher rank at technorati.
2.) Does adding sites to your fave will add credits?
3.) Does those who are in your fave, are possible will add your site to them?
4.) Will someone recognize if you add their site to your favorites?
5.) What's the best way to negotiate someone to add you in their fave.
6.) Is it okey to tell someone else to let them add you in their technorati?
7.) How true that if you are being add to someone has higher authority will also
give you credits to your ranks.

It's just highlighted with red just to really emphasized that i need answers to my questions.Lol! So kindly give some of your opinions and experiences about technorati.
Your ideas are very much welcome to this posts of mine. I will surely post same question to my other site.

Thank you!


Dhemz said...

I am not really sure about technorati sis...all I know need to have a PR, a low real rank from IZEA, and a low digits from alexa...I mean the lower the figures the far as I know...only sponsoredreview matters about technorati...the higher the figure the better...but don;t worry about sure marami ka naman visitors eh....:)

walkw/me said...

Me too I don't really understand this technorati. Actually I just submitted my blog few days ago and like yours also zero..hehehe..

katherine said...

wahaha..hambot unsa ng technorati..join lang ko ana pero wazz ko kasabot jud..

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Leon said...

Technorati rank isn't so important anymore. Back in the day, it would bring you loads of traffic, but now, it doesn't do much. Pay more attention to your Google Pagerank.

zatya baja item said...

nice info friends..