Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hot Shot Sunday Noon

What a day today! I wanted to take a nap this afternoon but i cannot. It's really hot. The temperature is for sure higher than ever. What i did was to take some pictures outside of my boarding house. Here are some pictures as you can see, i feel bored and i can do nothing because of the terrible heat. Crazy day! hehehe! The day end without napping. well, enjoy watching boring pics here..out of wilderness! Lol!
This is what we called "kamyas" we have that outside.

This is the border place from our boarding house to the other apartment

We also have Tar Apple "Kaimito" but still no fruits this time


Lulu said...

wow daghanang IBA oi! I love kamyas sa fish paksiw... kaimot is star apple siguro sistah oi.... asa man ang S ana hehehe

Lulu said...
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Cacai M. said...

hehehe.. mao mn lola, asa mn ang s ani.. heheh.. by the way, nahan ko og kaimito oi og kamyas is iba? thanks for the info lola.. muahh!

Cacai M. said...

oi la, nibalik ko.. heheh. Ay mao ni imong pictures nga gi-ingn diay la.. nice!

Nita said...

Mingaw na ko ani cuz itunlo sa asin. Oy remember pa ka adto ta ila Sinta Doring para manguha og bugnay, bayabas og uban pa? Boy, those were the days. Walay makalupig adto hehehe.


Analou and Bones said...

I like kamyas. Naglaway na hinoon ko da. Anyway, hope your doing well there. Try to enjoy your day kahit na sobra init.