Monday, September 7, 2009

12 years in Service

I just suddenly remember today is September 08 and it’s my 12 years in service. Working in the same company. Time runs too fast. I started working right after my college days. I never had time to relax , I even just got one day absent to attend my graduation day then the next day back to work.

By then my working career started year 1997 until now. So it’s been 12 years of striving and working. Many blessings had passed by and of course sometimes we can’t avoid disappointments , anger but of course happiness as well. Blessings still because I have work and did not find hard time looking and applying for job before. This is my 1st job in my whole life. Ahhaha!

Well, no celebration just thank GOD for the years given to me.


Cacai M.'s Place said...

oi, happy 12 years of work service lola! cool huh. You work in there la after we graduated in high school? that's great! great achievement la..

katherine said...

tinood ka Anne..hehe pareho tayo...ako naka 12 years din sa dati kong work jan sa Paranaque pero ala din, nambabae si male Boss then nang lalaki si Female Boss, nalugi ang kompanya...nyahaha..may gani kay gibayaran pa ko ang uban kay wa ma mabayre looy kaayo...nanghatag na lang sad tawon ko sa uban maski gamay like our company driver, cook ug ang janitor nga kanunay nako sugoon ug snacks..hehe

wish ko lang dili malugi imo company, unya na lang inig larga na nimo sa Norway hahaha

Lulu said...

anne basin tagaan na ka ug ribbon sa inyong company kay 12 years na ka... hehehe

Anonymous said...

wow sis...12 years...grabi sad woi....mura paman japon ka ug bata tana-won...ehheheh....ako wala jud tawo ko ni 1 year sa akong work...after college nag work rako ug 10 months din nag moved dire...ayay....hahaha..maong nag start over ko sa akong career....:)

walkw/me said...

Wow congrats sis. medyo dugay na jud! Sako mga work wa jud tawon ko mi dugay ug work ky pul-anon. Gnahan ko sige balhin2x, pero inig mtgulang na ta lisod na ngita ug work.

Wen man ka larga sa Norway? uban ko be...hehehe