Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Mentor

I would like guys to introduce with you all my dearest cousin Nita. She is my mentor in blogging. She taught me everything from the start until now. She’s the one who truly guided my path here in online business.

Cuz, thank you very much. I appreciate in every little thing you shared to me. Specially techniques and secrets in blogging world. Lol! I am so much blessed that you pushed me to continue when times that I am planning to give up in writings.

Today is your day Sept. 13. I wish you the best together with your family and adorable kids. I am proud to let our co-bloggers know that you are my Mentor.
My cousin Nita is now living in U.S with her loving family. She’s blessed with two adorable and cute kids Lily and Luther and her loving husband Lance.

Folks, if you want to visit her blog you are very much welcome.
She’s the one who own these following sites:

Nita’s Random Thoughts
Nita’ Corner
Thomas Travel & Tales
Arts and Entertainment Center

Check most of her blogs at the “Most Visited Sites” left side of my corner here.
You can even enroll some of your blogs to her online business which will give you opportunity to earn while she will give you a reviews. Visit here.

Happy Birthday cuz...thanks a lot!


David said...

i visited her already para maka greet pod hapi bday sa imong cuz...

Pinaybackpacker said...

You're lucky to have a mentor like her. Will visit her sites also so I can personally greet her a happy bday. :D

kittykat said...

naku kaya pala familiar..kasi your cousin is my cousin's friend..and that cousin of mine is my mentor in blogging as well..happy b-day Nita..