Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PLDT Phone Problem

Our office phone is currently totally down. Since yesterday afternoon we don’t have any incoming calls. Then we reported it the main building where our office is located. But they replied they also don’t have lines. So this is for the whole building.

Then we called up their 24/7 call center. Then this morning worst. Incoming and Outgoing are down both. So we use cell phone for communication to our clients. But hard because it will costs a lot. Now afternoon a PLDT representative is here to fix but they have initial report that their was a problem in our back up battery which is outside the facility.. Until now technicians are checking and fixing the problem they cant tell exactly the time when this problem will be fix.

This is not good for business. I cannot follow-up with clients, even our fax line is down.
Can’t follow-up
Can’t updates with clients order
Can’t fax orders
Can’t fax quotation

-Hope soon our lines will get back-


maxivelasco said...

ouch. sana maayos na ang phone line ninyo anne. hirap din kasi sa celphone makipag usap sa client. mas comfortable sa landline, di masyadong mabilis uminit sa tenga. hehe.

ingat lagi. hugs!

kittykat said...

naku naman sis..ang hirap naman niya..i hope ok na lines nyo..importante pa naman talaga para business ang telephone...

veronica said...

hey gurl! tsk.tsk.tsk. paeta gud gurl. so far okayhan ra baya ko sa serbisyo sa pldt gurl. kompara sa globe hehehehe