Friday, October 23, 2009

Nativity Sets

Christmas is on the way. Time runs too fast , as I mention in my last post about Christmas lanterns that our office is now starting to decorate. We want all to feel the real essence of Christmas , by having simple decorations in office and at home. Here in Philippines , during Christmas you can really expect big decorations and fabulous designs.

I remember when I was in college and living at my aunt home, they really have to buy nativity sets every Christmas season. We made a little decorations at their yard area. Since they own quite bigger space than other neighbor. It really suits for each of us during those memorable and important holiday. It’s meaningful and we must have to prepare for it every year.

Are you ready to start your decors? You can make your own nativity scene as early as you can. It’s better to plan ahead so that you can have enough ideas on what it looks like. I will give you the place where to get your perfect and adorable decorations like figurine at They all have what you want, make your nativity scene complete this season by just in one shopping place at outdora.

Prices differs on what item you need, but all of them are very affordable and as of now they are on 19% up to 22% off from any items. All their items has great discounts. You can get completely your nativity sets at bundles or in set by six, ten and fourteen pieces each item. You can even invite some of your friends to get their own decorations too at Ourdora. All their decorations is made of durable and higher resistance of fiberglass that will fight against any kind of weather conditions, even those colors has long resistant against fading. Hurry up! Get your own now.


Lulu said...

ganahan ko nativity set ibutang ilawom sa christmas tree

shydub said...

Rich na jd ni si inday Ann da, pagkadaghan ug grasya. Na wala ko decorate decorate ug xmas dri oi, last year nka decorate mi xmas tree ky hatagan mn mi ako MIL ug mga decoration for xmas tree. Me too I love the nativity under the xmas tree. Pero with jake with us, na ambot ug asa siguro si baby jesus mapunitan ky iya na hilabtan