Friday, October 30, 2009

Pleated Plaid School Girl Mini Skirt

Have you seen new trends now in most students in school? As you can see the picture shown here it’s a Pleated plaid school girl mini skirt , what do you think? Super sexy right? Many wish to wear , as you can see how sexy she is. You can also wear that skirt in parties and in some occasion not only for school use.

Last college days of mine, I also wore pleated skirt but not as short as this. It’s way back years ago. But some of my college mates used to wore as sexy mini shirt like this. But pleated skirt is always in fashion. Never been out of style ever since. You might be interesting to check how much is this cute pleated one, it’s only $28.99. If you will visit under mini skirt section , you can also find suitable partner for their skirt styles.

Get and check from skirt to shirt, sexy clothes, dresses, tops , lingerie for men and women. Fabulous choices right there and then. Their trends is never out in style. They are always up to date with what’s on top of lingerie or clothing. So girls, have your best choice for mini skirt for school or for other occasion.


Us said...

I like this miniskirt tsang, pakigol kaayo. maayo pa ni bayhana ay dili na mapugngan ang pagdatu hehehehe.

Cacai M. said...

agoy grabe ka-puok la.. mora'g dli ko ka-carry ani pag ako.. heheh.. suko si hubby aside from dli ko kaya mogawas ing-ani.. whew! (~_`)

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