Friday, October 30, 2009

Salary Range In Pinas

Folks, I read on news paper about salary range here in Pinas. Check out how you can relate. As the survey says Aircraft pilots, navigators and flight engineers have the highest monthly salary.

Here are the Salary Range.

-Aircraft pilots, navigators, flight engineers = Php 79,187
-Accountants and auditors = Php 16,091 – Php 31,368
-Architects – Php 14,178
-Teaching professionals – Php 12,211-Php 35,728

What do you think? Where you belong? Or do you belong?

1 comment:

dhemz said...

agoy kadako sa sweldo...imo lugar sis hapit na mag 30k imong salary?

sos kahayahay sa life woi...

congrats tuod sa imong PR2 sis..good for you!