Thursday, October 1, 2009

Typhoon Again?

Oh no! This afternoon a hard rain again. Then radio says that new typhoon ‘Pipeng’ is now coming. This is really sad., many areas are still in flood. Then new typhoon is going to attack again.

Please help us to continue praying for this bad weather. Many are still affected lost their lives, homes and all. They needs recovery.


dhemz said...

oh my..mabuang ko bayot...magsige nalang man sad ug baha diha nuon ug bagyo gosh....kaluoy sad sa nasalanta...hope God will stop this calamity.

kumusta naka diha sis?

facebook proxy said...

it's "pepeng" dear... anyway, doesn't matter how it was spelled. yes indeed. typhoon again. sigh*

i hope that it will be a lesson for all the Filipinos that we should be more responsible specially when it comes to waste segregation. and proper throwing of garbages.