Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Client!

What a morning! Why people are making story without basis? One of our client called up and ask things which out of our proposal or quotation. I explain what’s on paper that she signed up but she’s insisting she wants the new price because that’s the price given by competitor? It’s out of my control, she signed and we deliver. Then now she will complain? Grrrr!


dhemz said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaa....hehehe...I can feel the frustration....heheheh!

tuod sis, unsa diay imong work? just wondering....

nakabalik nako sis..mana na among midterm...naka ginhawa nako...ehhehehe!

Analou and Bones said...

We are on the same boat Anne. I know how frustrating it was. Sometimes it feels like you just want to shout out loud just to release the frustration. It's good you share it here. I know it will help sharing your good and bad days at work. take a deep breath my dear friend.