Saturday, November 21, 2009

Factors That Can Cause Hairloss

Hey! I am sure many individuals are experiencing hair loss. Their are a lot of factors that can cause hair loss in women and men.

-0- Genetic - this is the root of Androgenetic Alopecia (Female Pattern Baldness). It's the women reaction to dihydrotestorone (DHT) that blocks hair production and causes hair to thin out.

-0- Stress - situations which extreme pressure, anxiety, or trauma can prematurely shift countless hairs from growing to resting (telogen) phase. The severe hair fall.

-0- Hormonal imbalance - giving birth or certain diseases can be such a distress to the hair follicles and cause them to shut down for awhile. In just a few weeks, the hair will start to shed.

-0- Autoimmune disorder - the body mistakenly attacks the hair follicles and disrupts the hair growth. Most cases can end up with coin-sized bald patches.

Hope this can help folks. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Cacai M. said...

hello la, count me in ani.. heheh.. daghan ko og hair loss oi.. :-(

Cacai M.'s Place

dhemz said...

very nice info ako pod in naa pod ko ani...ehehhee...imbalance jud kay late na matog...kuwang sa tog pa jud....hahahah!

anyhow, musta na diha sis? ho was your weekend?

salamat tuod sa greetings....namuot ko sa imong giingon nga giok-ok...hahahhaa.....:)

salamat din sa dalaw at comment sis....ingat!

Lulu said...

na di maihap ni akong hair kani mangatagak... ingnon gud ko dave you shed like a dog

analou said...

I experienced hair loss sis. It really concerns me because its getting worse. I am a little bit scared that at a young age opaw nako. waaaa...musta naman u diha? Thanks for the visit ha.