Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Old Template

While browsing some old pictures today. Suddenly this old template of my site came out into my searching . I am just thinking of those days that i just started my blogging career, this was the old template my 1st template. Imagine it was!

Its very obvious that my template was just very simple. No meaning at all! lol... Then after that pause i did some pause again re-arranging my template and boosting all my effort to make this for real.

This year 2009 i started to get serious on updates! I can see that all are worth. So for anyone who are interested, it's really better to start from the scratch then you will be amazed for the results and of course to my mentor as i mentioned before, she really thought me everything. Now, i am earning! lol!

Btw, i can't remember why i had this snapshot but thanks anyway i can keep this for remembrance of my old template. Considering that this is my 1st blog!


Chie Wilks said...

korek sis.. i started with scratch too..then bugo pa kau ko ato as in sa old template was one of the default template sa blogger two columns then color dark blue..kataw-anan kaau..then i met demcy..xa ngteach naku how to moke in the blog land..mainly on how to earn money mao na daun to..

then I tried changing my own layout into 3 xa with butterflies..very beautiful kau..until nga nkavisit ko sa blogger templates..didto na daun..then i learn how to make my layout na by studying the's fun

dhemz said...

na ako pod sis...bugo pod kaau ko kay pangit kaau to akong first layout sa una...ehhehhe!

maau gani naka kat-on rako paghimo...nya I learned from other people....:)

maau kay dako naka ug kita ron...ehheheh! good for you sis....nasuklian ra jud ang imong ka kugi....:)

turisuna said...

I love this blue template, it's better than the pink :)
My first template was horrible, all black with eye-breaking letter lol, I just used the default one :P

Cacai M. said...

la, indeed you have a very nice layout now.. great job! by the way la, giunsa mn na^ nmo og kuha ang snapshot la? 2dloi ra gud ko la.. muahhh!

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