Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Pride Our CNN Hero Back Home

For those who are not aware, it's our pride pinoy's to welcome our CNN Hero of the Year Efren Peñaflorida, just recently returned from United States. I am proud that he got the real honored being a hero.

He is known as the “pushcart classroom for urban poor youth". He really have the heart to help poor people or those in urban places, reaching them and teaching them to read and write through simple way of sharing. It's really his advocacy to help. He got the award as 2009 CNN Hero of the Year. Imagine he is just 28yrs. old.

Read this article to have full information about him and watch his video clip on how he manage to be a real and good model to street kids.

Peñaflorida won over nine other "CNN heroes," seven of whom are American. He will receive $100,000 from the world renowned cable news network. CNN quoted him as saying, in his acceptance speech at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood: "Serve, serve well, serve others above yourself and be happy to serve. As I always tell my co-volunteers... you are the change that you dream as I am the change that I dream and collectively we are the change that this world needs to be." Peñaflorida earlier said that should he win, he would pledge the prize money to the children that his group, the Dynamic Teen Company, is helping. Source for this article.


analou said...

We are so proud of you Efren. Hope marami ka pang matulungan at maging kagaya mo. Keep up the good work and we the Filipinos are so proud of you.

Chie Wilks said...
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Chie Wilks said...

he is truly a hero...helping people from the heart

Cacai M. said...

indeed a great living hero! he has a remarkable work, to God be the glory!