Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Math?

Why math has been hated by some? Because it requires them to think and forces them to give the correct and exact value. Because it has a clear distinction of right and wrong. Most people love to speak about any issue but hate to accept that their wrong, that's the beauty of math.... right is right and wrong is wrong.

Have a happy weekend folks!


Dhemz said...

very well said sis...I hate math too...hahahaha....ok lang kung plus, minus, division, ug multiplication....ayaw lang ng fraction ug uban!

analou said...

I love math but I am not an expert. I just love the numbers sis dahit you need to be very meticulous. Isang mali lang mali na lahat specially if problem solving. Kaso mahina ko when it comes na sa pagsabot sa problem solving..whaaaa..musta na? Salamat sa time sa pagbisita sa akong blog.