Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally It's Done

Folks, i've been very busy this past days. Preparation for our company Christmas party and giving gifts to our customers is quiet heavy work for me. Along with my work turn over.

Yesterday, was our Christmas party held in a restaurant and it started at 10-12 noon , then need to wait for our Anniversary party around 3pm. I am bit Exhausted, feel so sleepy at the anniversary. It took 3.5 hours , then i went home after the party at around 7pm. I really need to have a nap. Then i woke too late in the evening at 11.30pm ..gush! So tiring day for everyone.

So finally it's done! Now, i can focus more closely to my turn over transition. Hope everything will be fine and that the one who will replace my position can handle easily.


Dhemz said...

ayay! leaving on a jetplane na diay ka ani anytime soon sis? wohooo...reunited na jud ang mga lovers...eheheh! am happy for you...good luck sis...:)

when man ka mag larga diay? invited bami sa imong despedida? hehehee

Lulu said...

sus mami ayaw lang ka attend sa despidida kay adto sa batuan hehehe dili ka katuod didto wahehehe

Dhemz said... butuan diay ang despidida nimo sis?

sos si mami Lu..waka balo nga duol raman ang butuan sa CDO...pwede ra ma! naa koy lolo didto...hehehhee!