Thursday, December 3, 2009

November Top EC Dropper

Folks, finally i have here the top 10 droppers for the month. You can roam around to the rest of my sites, for all complete lists of droppers. Thank you once again for all your support by dropping and even posting comments.

Check Them Out:

1.) (30)
2.)NancyAfink (30)
3.)CAP News (30)
4.)My Poem (27)
5.)Humor (27)
6.)Bits and Pieces (27)
7.)Patsy's Words of Wisdom (25)
8.)Chuchie's Hideaway (25)
9.)Ungkutan (25)
10.)General Illarteracy (25)

Thanks and have a nice day everyone!


Lulu said...

kapoy ni magdrop mao undang na ko drop oi wahehehe

Dhemz said...


ako pod sis woi...tawon mingaw na kaau ang!

as usual wala japon ko apil...ehehhee!

Cacai M. said...

oi waz ko apil da^.. hemmm.. next time I guess.. congrats to all awardees :-)

C said...

ay sayop ang linky ay.. am here again.. :-)